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Festival madness!

So this year we have been preparing for our festival on the 12th of june! What a journey so far, the camp is alive and buzzing and things look like they are coming together! Theres a good feeling here at the moment and I hope it continues! Anyone reading this who isn’t from the camp. COME AND SEE US!! On the 12th until the 17th of June the festival will include music drama and workshops! join us for some fun filled activities together with display of art!

a few things we need.

garden tools




petrol for the generators

big pots & pans!

if you have any of these things lying around bring them down to Runnymede!!

Runnymede festival wish list,50 m electric cable,50 m water pipe and tap,big cooking pots,sack of rice,pasta or potatoes + veg,gaffa tape,paint brushes banner material,rope,tarpaulin,Stage lights ,LED,candles in jars.tents,people to help set up n steward,do workshops or perform.
12 volt drill, nails ,screws,sign writers,we all help to make this DIY Culture festival,come prepared to help out….
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