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Festival madness!

So this year we have been preparing for our festival on the 12th of june! What a journey so far, the camp is alive and buzzing and things look like they are coming together! Theres a good feeling here at the moment and I hope it continues! Anyone reading this who isn’t from the camp. COME AND SEE US!! On the 12th until the 17th of June the festival will include music drama and workshops! join us for some fun filled activities together with display of art!

a few things we need.

garden tools




petrol for the generators

big pots & pans!

if you have any of these things lying around bring them down to Runnymede!!

Runnymede festival wish list,50 m electric cable,50 m water pipe and tap,big cooking pots,sack of rice,pasta or potatoes + veg,gaffa tape,paint brushes banner material,rope,tarpaulin,Stage lights ,LED,candles in jars.tents,people to help set up n steward,do workshops or perform.
12 volt drill, nails ,screws,sign writers,we all help to make this DIY Culture festival,come prepared to help out….
network it


Lefucity: The Gathering (An ounce of meants)

From Wed 2
Midday onwardss . .

Is holding a weekly

Gathering at

The Longhouse

Runnymede Eco Village.

Who is it for?

Runnymede Eco Creatives

Poets, Songsters, Artists, Theatricals, Free spirits

And Time Traveling Guilds

Of the Greater Somicos

What of a live


Fish in

outer space?

Reason d’etre: to share minds, creative flux and lend weight to the multi faceted Runnymede Expression, 2015

Personal Ethos & Intent:

To gather a creative force of energy for outer cosmic work not just in part related to the ‘creative removal’ of all currently active psychopathic  ‘governing’ hierarchy and where proven harmful, their administrator services including; National Politics, Councils, Banks, Private Security, Justice, out’law’ed  Secret cabals (known or otherwise possessed by), The terraforming Industrial and Military Complex, Major Land Owners and any other obstacles relating to the fraudulent Carte (gangsters) masquerading as a democracy in ‘our’ sad and fucked up times.

In short, the ad is Brick Wall lane, No Chance Avenue, Gamesup County, The Arse hole at the end of the World, post coded for security purposes,

council, lefu admin bucket for props, minx’s mouse pad for freaXks.

No one need apply, go home, take a long break, never return.


Poo toilet supplies, Bohemians Range for the Connaseure, general manager in a quiet moment, test in sider’s conference centre, Idleblis, nowhere near you but cumin your way unless your toilet facilities r some other dicks.

Pssst, see u there or b just so fucked up I give not a toads stools for fetishisters stools that they sit up on.

Zamalong Lefu.po


Shanty Kutty – The Peace Hut (building peace out of waste)

Shanty Kutty –  The Peace Hut

Building Peace out of Waste

 I’m not just a home, I’m an homage to freedom, a hope for peace, a manifestation of awareness of the consequences of our extravagant living, a desperate attempt to find an alternative to a sick world, to a corrupt system that puts profit before the welfare of the planet and its people. Most of all I’m a challenge overcome and a dream come true. It’s a big dream… Peaceful coexistence with all beings and harmony amongst the people. A time when humanity will rise up to the challenge of managing the Global Ecosystem, restoring the damage already done, preventing future mistakes and actually improving Nature through our understanding and ability to enhance its processes. There is a time when a dream becomes a vision, followed by an impulse to embody it into our lives, making it a reality.

We live amidst incredible hypocrisy and accepted it as normal. Those pointing out the problems and trying to find solutions are deemed utopian dreamers whilst those in power promote a nightmare they can profit from. We swap Morals for money and Peace for power. The agonizing irony is people starve as we waste tones of food, people go cold as we throw away our clothes because they went out of fashion, people are homeless as we waste all sorts of building materials, tools, furniture and household appliances. Eco systems die or become unbalanced as we exploit them to satisfy an ever increasing demand for resources. We’re told there isn’t enough for everybody, that if we clothed, fed and housed everybody society would break down, but what are we breaking really? Aren’t we in the middle of a crisis already? We’re poisoning the planet and destroying ourselves! Isn’t the management of resources and the welfare of people and ecosystems, the whole point of having a system? If there is such shortage of resources why is waste one of our biggest problems? Most of our “precious resources” end up in land fills and incinerators. The first step to a better world is the belief that it’s possible. So I decided to take on the seemingly impossible task of building a whole house by myself, out of reclaimed materials and live in it; to show how it’s possible to re-use, recycle and up-cycle materials whilst providing a creative living alternative. It’s the impossible made possible, a dream turned real and what I’d call a real Home! I’m not experienced nor specially gifted, I’m a tiny girl and my only strength is my determination. If I can do it, you can too!


Step 1 – Marking the perimeters/digging top soil

The first step was also the first mistake! I dug the top soil trying to reach the clay that is just beneath. I thought a natural clay floor would be perfect! What I should have done is dig a trench along the outside of the marked perimeter, then raised and levelled the floor to prevent flooding. Oh well, live and learn…


Step 2 – Gathering materials/ Erecting the first pole

I was quite fortunate in searching for materials, so fortunate that I started toying with the idea of “manifesting” what I needed. In the morning I’d take a moment to think about the materials I wanted for that day’s work and then set out to look in skips and bins. I always found exactly what I was looking for! Just goes to show how much abundance there is in our waste… So I found 2 much needed tarpaulin sheets to cover my mistake, And set out to find fallen trees in the forest to use as frame poles, I made a point of not cutting any trees to build my house. This, added to the fact the poles had to be very long, straight and Y shaped,  made it quite a hard task, but if you seek you find! Even harder was carrying such weighty tree trunks up the hill, how I did it is still beyond me. I think mindfulness, a little help from the Universe and in the end, sheer stubbornness did the job :)  


Erecting the first pole is quite an important step, it marks the beginning of the building. For the same reason in Sri Lanka when a house is being built they sing a blessing when the first brick is laid. I didn’t sing but I truly felt blessed when I came back the next morning and the sun was “kissing” that first pole. I captured the beauty of the moment in this photo…



Step 3 – Building the Frame/ Gathering more materials

Building the frame took quite a few days’ work and some friendly help. First I erected another 8 poles, burying them 2 feet into the ground. Then put 3 beams across and another 6 as the support for my mezzanine. Meanwhile I started gathering more materials, mainly for the walls; pallets, wood beams, windows, wooden off cuts and more tarps!



Step 4 – Building the Roof Frame

I decided to build a round roof based on a type of Eco Construction commonly called a bender. As implied by the name, it’s done using freshly cut hazel that is bent into a curved shape and tied together, as the wood dries out the structure becomes stronger and sets into place. I realized to support the roof I would also need 2 lateral beams going across the sides. Those long beams support the first row of hazel arches which in turn support the next row going across it, making a cross frame which looks very pretty!!






Step 5 – Building the Walls and Mezzanine

I was very fortunate to find a warehouse chucking out the perfect type of pallets for my walls (those that have no gaps between the boards) and they were barely damaged! I used wooden beams I had found in a building skip as a foundation for the walls. Since I had dug down now I had to raise the walls to protect them from damp… I also came across some long and thick wooden boards leftover from a loft conversion, they were perfect floor boards for the Mezzanine!!




Step 6 – Fitting the windows

The windows were up-cycled from a window shop in Egham. They leave windows they can’t sell at the back of the shop, all I had to do is let them know when I was taking them. I was very lucky to find double glazed windows, some even had frame, railing and handles! Fitting them was a bit tricky specially the ones with railings. The house isn’t perfectly straight and the support beams are tree trunks so making straight frames and supports for the railings was challenging. For some reason I didn’t use a level and decided to just “eye it out”, nevertheless 4 out of 5 windows open properly, I think that’s pretty good! :)




Step 7 – Insulating the Roof

Insulating the roof happened quite spontaneously one afternoon. I had the idea of buying some emergency blankets which retain heat really well and cost about 80p per 2m2. I was lucky that a friend had spare duvets that had been thrown away by the local university. I made the first insulation layer with the duvets, placed the emergency blankets over them and finalized with a heavy duty tarpaulin to hold them all down and provide further protection from the elements. What seemed a daunting task turned out to be quite easy to do!


 Step 8 – Moving in!

After the roof and walls were finished I built a make shift door and moved in! It was Summer and I could enjoy living in this skeleton of a house quite comfortably, so the work slowed down… Soon after I went on holiday and left the house to be used as a guest house by the community. When I got back two lovely people had covered all the gaps in the walls with cob – a mixture of sand, clay and water that makes a great natural cement. I got inspired by this and got working again, this time with a sense of urgency since Autumn was just around the corner.


Step 9 – Winter proofing and interior design.

The first step in winter proofing the house is heating! I set out to make a brick and cob fireplace with a flu and hot plate someone left on site. I can cook on the hot plate or directly on the fire and the flu goes through the mezzanine, heating up the sleeping area. I made a fire door from a metal sheet. I flattened it, cut it and got some rails on cob to slide it into place. It faces the front door of the house so I can get the best air flow.


I was fortunate that a building site nearby was stripping down the insulation from their walls. They kindly agreed to give me the slightly damaged insulation slabs. I placed the slabs the inside of the walls, boarded them with wood and decorated them with throws, providing further insulation. Luck struck again as I was given a 20m2 damp proof membrane! Just as the first showers hit the forest… I used it as an extra layer of insulation on the roof and to damp proof the floor. I finished the floor with wood and carpet. I installed an up cycled kitchen sink, supported by 2 pallets which doubled as a shelving unit.


I built a shower cubicle out of pallets, lined it with the damp proof membrane and used the left over for a shower curtain. I found some cupboard doors and built the rest of the cupboard with a shelve inside.


I built 2 sofas out of pallets, a table out of tree stumps and the interior was finally finished! With autumn approaching I was working around the clock and unfortunately didn’t take any photos of the interior building process :-( but I have some lovely photos of the final result to make up for it :)



Step 10 – Outdoor porch and awning.

The final touch was a massive dark green tarp to camouflage the roof (I didn’t want it to be an eye sore). I use some clear plastic to build an awning and a porch so I can sit outside even when it rains! Last but not least, I built a wood storage with a felt cover. It’s attached to the side of the house for convenience of access.



Completing this project marks the end of a journey and the beginning of another; that of embodying the change I want to see. To try and better myself so I have grounds to say it’s possible to better the world. To do away with hypocrisy in my own life, as much as it is possible without completely removing my self from society. To find viable alternatives for the policies I don’t agree with and don’t wish to be part of, because pointing out problems is easy but finding solutions is far more demanding. To sacrifice something of my own for the greater good and show that the hardship doesn’t outweigh the reward. Ultimately I wish to make my voice heard. Not because it’s my own voice but because so many of us have been silenced, ridiculed, even ostracized for thinking differently, feeling differently and ultimately behaving differently from what society expects. Sensitivity and “excessive” empathy is seen as a weakness but our struggle shows the opposite. It takes some resilience to make a stand against the norm, to speak on behalf of those who don’t have a voice or are too afraid to use it, to have our dreams constantly shattered and our feelings trampled on by those blinded to the sickness of the world, whilst still trying to empathize with them. To not despair in the face of evil and not allow our own morals to be corrupted by it, is the greatest challenge yet. The times are changing, we all have a unique opportunity to change with it and make our voices heard. It might well be our last chance to rise up to the challenge of saving our beloved planet and create a wholesome society, I plead for us to put our differences aside and work together towards a brighter future…


Jam Night


Magna Carta


Runnymede In Spring




Witness Statement (draft)

Witness statement (draft): Le Fu alias to, prisoner of the #panopticon  Phil Haslam . . system no YW 08 31 12 B

I claim myself as Sovereign Head of State of Idlebliss. I am not subject to the court or its state and wish no ill. I act as a living breathing witness, one of the Eco Villagers living at Runnymede since its inception, June 13th, 2012.

In all that time there were two attempted evictions by the said landowners, Orchid that failed. After the last eviction we (Orchid & villagers) formed a verbal agreement that as long as we the Eco Villagers stayed in the wood below the site of the  rebuilding, then they (Orchid) would verbally agree to us living here.

There have in nearly three years since been no further complaints or concerns concerning either us being here, previously known as ‘trespassers or on the grounds of health and the saftey from either the said land owners (Orchid) or any other known complaints from local residents to have us removed.

After nearly three years of inactivity the owners have now in April 2015 suddenly changed their minds, and resubmitted the origonal complaint to the courts on the grounds of trespassing and I presume grounds of health and saftey.

It is known that the building work taking place will take at least another five years to complete.

I see no reason for the sudden change of mind nor did I hear, or hear of, any verbal change of reasoning until seeing the new Notice of Eviction delivered to my sovereign step.

On these grounds alone and as a long term resident of the Eco Village I believe given the inactivity and lack of worry or concern over trespassing we should now be given the opportunity to stay and develop our low impact, self sustaining lifestyle for as long as the said owners building comes to completion.

We are at the moment uniquely located away from any other residential community, meaning it’s very likely our presence will remain inconsequential to anyone else and possibly so even after the building work is completed. The five years quoted is an estimate that I think has already been transgressed many times. The land had been derelict for over five years prior to our arrival.

Further the unique location in the woods means we are in the best position possible to develop our long term aim of complete self sufficiency at the point of collective community.

We have also established a source of clean spring water that has long proved to be healthy.

I further believe that because our residency is close to the Windsor’s that their known interest in low impact sustainable living could mean it easily become collaborative venture with our known neoghbors, the Windsor’s.

I also  personally think that there does need to be, a reasoned, sensible; intelligent, official,  recognition of two things concerning the future of all similarly described Eco Villagers.

1. Law.

The Magna Carte itself needs to address clearly it’s position on the law with regards to the sovereign rights of individuals who for whatever reason choose to contribute to the future, with low impact living where disused land is concerned.

Given the connection to the Magna Carte celebrations  it would indeed mark a perfect opportunity, especially as we occupy land close to the sight of the origonal Magna Carte agreement and now, in 2015, the 800 year celebrations of it.

I belive that where the use of disused land has little to no effect on an existing community it should be very possible to see the potential benefits for everyone.

2. Transparency and Education

The chance exists, given the location and the potential over a number of years, for parliament to study our effect and potentially officially recognise the benefit or otherwise that a community such as ours could make for the future of humanity.

We spend an awful lot of tax payers money taking up land for the manufacture and training of a military to defend our rights to freedom.

We should recognise that in affording this said freedom some people should be allowed to study, live and breath from the land we claim freedom in, in this beneficial way.

Runnymede Eco Village, I submit, is not asking for any taxpayers money via the government. It is asking for official recognition of a very good idea only. And perhaps also a real long term solution to the mass production of a world we know of as ‘limited’. In time, I suggest, proving itself to be a real player in the sustainable future that our children would instantaneously recognise as a good thing adults chose to support for real.

Faithfully in orium. ISIS IS A CIA PLOT Where the USA Becomes directly responsible for the looting of our heritage and all the mayhem in Iraq  Saddam was a stooge designed by. All leaders are. Laughing at their subjects, especially British, American,  Russian.  They, leaders, diplomatic or kings hail from the same families, went to the same school.  They created nation states to divert blame away from themselves. It works like a dream.


I am also passionately involved in developing, where possible and voluntarily transparently our own ability to document our journey for all and everyone who wishes to learn/see/understand. I believe, given the obvious direction technology moves in, that we now have the ability to connect using media, the web and television, our lives and prove it’s possible to do so using energy from various natural sources other than either the fossil or the mostly nuclear the system survives on.

I would ask the judge to consider the above statement and offer us a solution that would enable us to cooperate with the ownees which might even benefit the said owners of the land we now live on for their own charitable philanthropy I am sure they are supportive of.