The Address is Egham near Windsor (edge of M25) Coopers Hill lane TW20. There is a small car park on Coopers Hill Lane however you may need to find somewhere else to park.

The nearest station is Egham with regular trains running from Waterloo, via Clapham Junction.

Festival entrances are opposite the public toilets on Coopers Hill Lane, near the old university campus. There is a large opening in the hedge. There will be stewards here with information. Go through the gap in the hedge, across the Rugby Field, then take the steps down into the village. Ask anyone you see or find the fire by the longhouse which is in the centre of the village.


There is only limited parking on Coopers Hill Lane car park.

Be prepared to have to park 2-3 roads away and walk you and your stuff in.The lower road by the river is closed Friday & Saturday for Magna Carta 800th Celebrations and Coopers Hill lane is closed from Saturday 6pm until Monday by the authorities.

The best events are those you have to make a mission to get to – take the train or park sensibly, get out, and walk a road or two and over a field to find the fun.

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